Thursday, December 20, 2012

MBU Lax Christmas Party

This is my fifth year coaching women's lacrosse at MBU. I believe our Christmas party tradition has been going on for four of the five years. Each year we have a Christmas party the last weekend before finals. We draw names in October because everyone has to make her gift. It is top secret who everyone has. It's become such a wonderful and fun tradition. Each year I ask the girls if they want to continue to make gifts and each year it is an enthusiastic, "yes!" With the invention of pinterest the gifts keep getting better and better! This year the party was at my house and was so fun. 

 Above is a picture of my team...try and find the coach! I totally look like one of the players and often get confused. Below is a picture of all of us holding our homemade gifts. I got beautiful coffee bag pillows. I love them! 

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