Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Although we fought some illness, Tom and I really enjoyed our first Christmas as  married couple in our new home. We unexpectedly had nothing to do on Christmas Eve. Since we were sitting around we decided we might as well burn some of the wood we bought late in the fall. We bundled up (in multiple layers), made some warm drinks and sat our by the fire. Although it was chilly we were very warm and enjoyed the calm before the craziness of Christmas activities.

Tom builds a good fire

Me and Tom by the fire...this is so exciting!

Please excuse the abundance of our pics before we head to Christmas Eve with the Raus. I simply couldn't believe Tom was willing to take all of these photos...and SMILE! 
trying to pose so you could see our tiny baby Christmas tree. pretty funny. 
trying to pose next to the fact we just make the tree look even smaller
Notice the tip of the tree next to us
In front of the mantel

me with the Treys at my parents
My sweet boy, Trey

my parent's house always looks so pretty at Christmastime
most of the gang watching video of my dad and uncle as kids

It was a fun but busy Christmas Eve. i wish I would have gotten more pictures but it's always a bit chaotic with all the people and little ones and present opening and eating and...there's just no time for pictures.

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