Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Take your nephew to work day!

Trey working the scoreboard during volleyball practice
Trey's girlfriend, Chrissy... He's in love. 

My sister is good. She gets the kids involved in lots of fun activities and is great about attending sports games, school functions, dance recitals, and everything in between. Today, however, she double booked. With three little ones I guess it is bound to happen every now and then. Aunt Katie swooped in and decided to take my little man with me for the day. First, we went to the PAT Halloween party and did nice seasonal activities there. Trey was most enthralled by the play doh. After the PAT party he came to work with me. It was delightful. I decided he is quite the lady's man and really knows who to get in good with. He only talked to the Volleyball GA and the volleyball players. Well them and... wait for it... my boss. He sure did look at Dr. Smith and say, "Bye, Dr. Smith. Have a good day!" Thanks Trey... for helping me suck up. 
Making a treat bag at the PAT party
His playdoh bowl of candy... obsessed

Play Doh Monster!


fit celebs said...
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Anonymous said...

coach he is so so so cute,and he sure did find a girl friend.thats awesome!!!he reallys the cutest.