Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Baby

Once upon a time I was the baby of the house. I got all the special attention and was what some might called spoiled. My five older siblings constantly complained about how I got everything I wanted. Despite the arrival of my sweet niece, Taylor, I was still the baby. There was no other baby at 912 and I thought there never would be. Until Molly came along. She came by surprise. She was cute from the beginning but always demanded so much attention. From day 1 she acted like she owned the house. I have never been 100 percent excited about this Molly who would become the new baby who ruled 912. However, I had no choice. She is my parent's pride and joy and she is not going anywhere :)
Really, she isn't so bad. And she is kinda cute. Especially when she plays in the snow....

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