Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter is something terrible

I really, really hate being cold. Really hate it. Unfortunately, I am often freezing. If my feet get cold I am cold all day. For this very reason I own way too many, cough 7, pairs of Ugg boots. Every year I struggle through the winter once New Years has past. It is so much easier to make it when the excitement of the holidays are around. So, this year I have a couple strategies to help get me through January and February.
One of those is my new ceramic hot tea tumbler. I just recently bought this and some whole tea leaves. I drink about five cups of hot tea a day which A. keeps me warm and B. supplements my terrible coffee habit. I love it... it's kind of cute and hippie too :)
My other trick to keep warm is using my booties nightly. I warm them in the microwave for three minutes before I go to bed. They warm me completely and help me to fall asleep. I'd strongly suggest getting a pair if you are a cold feet person...they are awesome.

Only 7 more weeks until March........blah. I think I can make it.

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