Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A visit from Tammy and Baby Joe

My sister, Tammy, had a baby on November 27. She was in town for Thanksgiving and her water broke on Black Friday at the mall. Hilarious and totally fun for all of us who wanted to be able to see Joseph at the hospital. I got my Joe fill that week and on one little visit down a couple weeks ago. However, I was thrilled when Tammy called and said she would be coming to St. Louis for a few days. I waited anxiously for Joe to arrive on Sunday night. She finally showed at 12:30 on Monday am.
Sleepy little Joe was in his carseat with his neck all bent to the side :) Tammy and I enjoyed some Canyon Cafe chips and salsa for a bit before heading to bed.

Monday everyone was off for MLK Day so we had a fun day at mom and dad's house.
Some of us were there all day and others came by for dinner. It was a blast with lots of kids and food.
The three young ones holding hands.
The little ones all together! Three babies for three different sisters :)
Dane getting kisses from Molly...either that or trying to escape from the baby gate
Lots of laughs...trying to get Joe to smile
one sleepy little man
Just the boys
Stephanie and Joe both needed some shut-eye
what a sweet little duo- Laney is a great big cousin

Tuesday night I got the opportunity to babysit Joe. Tammy and John dropped him off to enjoy some Bachelor with me and Tom while they went to dinner.
sleeping...okay, maybe I'm pretending
my sweet little man

It's Wednesday and Joe has to go home :( We had a great visit and can't wait for him to return
Seeya next time little guy!

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