Thursday, March 5, 2009

My faithful readers...

don't lose interest! 

I promise I won't leave you hanging too much longer. I know I have been a bad blogger this week. Let me give you a run down of the madnes: 

Sunday: Return from team trip at 4:00, pick up car from Enterprise with surprise new dent, family dinner at 5:30 

Monday: Morning practice at 5:30 am, get estimates on car, and see insurance agent, Kirkwood try outs, thaw out body, watch a super disappointing Bachelor 

Tuesday: morning practice at 5:30 am, more car estimates, Kirkwood try outs, friends over for dinner, laundry

Wednesday: meet Abby for breakfast, work, practice, Kirkwood try outs, bible study

Thursday: sleep through alarm clock, see Baby Claire, run errands, Chapel, office time, practice, Kirkwood try outs, meet for Kirkwood cuts, tan, eat dinner, pack, and bed

CRAZY week! I forgot my allergy shot, still haven't cleaned out my car, missed a few work outs, and didn't make the phone calls I was supposed to. We leave tomorrow at 2:00. Hopefully the trip to Texas will be incredible. Six games in four days is surely intense. I will keep you posted from Lawrence, Dallas, or Austin. 

Say a prayer for me! 

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Heather Verweyst said...

good luck on the trip, I know you'll do great!!! Call me when you get back!