Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Tonight was St. Patty's Day dinner at my parents house. Each year we have a meal complete with corned beef and cabbage and everything green she can come up with. It's always enjoyable as most of our family dinners are. 
Sweet Baby Claire in her very first holiday outfit
She loves me way more than her face shows
Everyone in green

The following pictures are to prove my mother's love for holidays. Please let me know if you have ever seen ANYONE decorate this much for St. Patricks Day...Especially someone who is in no way Irish. 
towels on the stove
lights on the mantel 
leprechauns hanging from the chandelier
flags and door decorations
and a green leprechaun bath! 

So... a little story. When we were little my mom used to tell us to leave water out for the leprechaun to come take a bath. Every March 16th we would leave out our bucket of water and every March 17th we would run to check the bowl. Yep, sure enough, green water. "The leprechaun came to take a bath, mom!" 
We would scream through the house as excited as if the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus had paid a visit. As if that isn't crazy enough, for years I thought this was what every kid did on St. Patrick's Day. I'm not sure where my mom got the idea or why I believed it was normal, but she still does it to this day... and there aren't even any kids living at home. 
Just another crazy Rau family tradition for you. 


Amy said...

I'm Irish & I don't even decorate that much!

But I like the leprechaun bath idea...I might steal it if I can find such a cool lep-bath.

Another reason I love your mom so.

Heather Verweyst said...

i think sharon is wonderful! I also think the leprechan bath is a GREAT tradition! Just another thing to make a child smile! what more could sharon ask for knowing her!!! ; )