Monday, March 23, 2009

Reason #342

why I love having 5 siblings:

You can call something a party, just invite your siblings, and it really does constitute as a party. I love that. My sis, Amy, is selling Arbonne and still learning a few things about her business. She needed to learn how to do a make up party, so we so kindly agreed to drink some margaritas and give Arbonne make up a go.
Make Up and Margaritas Party
with the Rau girls and a couple special guests
These two certainly don't need make up
Niece, Taylor, and her friend, Kara

Make Up Application: Please notice my lack of attention to make up applying
So darling... Granddaughter and Grandma
Lizzie (not a sister), me, and Kara
From left: Steph, Me, Ashley (TJ's fiance), Mom, Tammy, Amy, Taylor, Sharon (Taylor's friend's mom), Kara (taylor's friend) Not pictured: Sister Kara

Special Note: Maybe don't learn about your business over margaritas. We learned a great deal about the deliciousness of guac and margaritas, we applied some make up, we had fun, but I am not sure Amy learned all she needed to about doing an Arbonne Make Up party. I could be wrong, but Ames and I don't tend to drink and, well, those margaritas can take effect faster than on most. Just saying.

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Peter Boumgarden said...

I just found your blog, and it took me a good 20 mins to get out of it. you owe me those 20 mins now. when are we going to catch up/