Thursday, March 12, 2009

You're the best ever...

Coaching lacrosse at the college level brings a whole new set of challenges. One of the more interesting things is coaching girls from all different places within and outside of St. Louis. There is one girl in particular who is from out of town and has been going to MoBap for three years. In this third year she has still hardly left Olive Road and experienced the greatness that is St. Louis. So, in honor of and somewhat for this particular player here is a list of a few of my favorite things to do/places to eat in and around St. Louis. Enjoy! 

*Forest Park to run, bike, rollarblade, or simply relax 
*the Zoo 
*Ted Drewes 
*Dewey's Pizza 
*The Balloon Races in Forest Park 
*Missouri Botanical Gardens (free on Wednesday and Saturday mornings) 
*Brewery tour 
*Wednesday nights at the Garden in the summer
*The Muny in the summer 
*Crown Candy Kitchen 
*Castlewood State Park 
*Art Hill in the snow 
*Clayton Art Fair 
*The City Museum 
*Cards games 
*Boat House in Forest Park 
*Italian food on the Hill 
*Grant's Farm 
*Go to a show at Fox Theater
*Saturday morning at Soulard Market 
*Bike part of the Katy Trail in St. Charles
*Get gooey butter cake from Park Ave. Coffee

Perhaps there will be more to follow. Go ahead and get started on those for now. You have one year left and, well, if you do it you will for sure be, "the best ever". 


Lizzie said...

So, I've lived in St. Louis for 25 years and haven't done some of those things... take me out?

Anonymous said...

you are the best ever. I will get started ASAP!!

ps..its an honor to be apart of the ever so famous blog!