Thursday, March 19, 2009

Woe is me

As the youngest of six children I am never short on showers to attend, birthdays to celebrate, parties to go to, or people to fight with. I'm also never short on people asking me how the others are doing. I usually love it. However, in this great 2008-2009 year I will say its gotten a bit old. Every time someone asks I feel I have a million things to report. The Raus need to slow down a tad. Tammy got married in October, Kara had a baby in February, TJ gets married in May, and Steph will have a baby in July. Now seriously people. At least three showers per occasion and that's 12 showers for the year...whew. And as much as I love a good party and cuddling that sweet little bundle of joy, I have gotten a bit exasperated with telling everyone about all the wonderful things my sibs are doing.

that's just when I am being the bratty youngest. When I snap out of my brattiness and stop saying, "woe is me" I realize how freakin sweet this all really is. First of all, I have five awesome sibs who are enjoying major milestones in this 2008-2009 year. (except for Amy... but you have a husband and three kids, so give me a break :)) They are happy and healthy and want to share their life with me. And, to me, that is pretty great. Secondly, THANK GOD I am not in Colorado. If I've said it once I've said it a million times, God's provision, I think so. I am so happy to be here for all the fun events of the year. It makes me sad to think I would have only been in town two or three times during all this hooplah. Finally, how do I so quickly forget all the great things I am blessed with this year and always?! I may not be getting married or having a baby, but I am preparing for a four continent mission trip in July, working the job of my dreams, and beginning to train for the New York City marathon that I will be running to raise money for Team for Kids (an organization for childhood obesity).

To think in the midst of all of that I would have the nerve to say, "Woe is me"?! Pretty pitiful of me. Sibs, thanks for a year of fun, celebrations, and milestones. Mom and dad, thanks for the support. God, thanks for snapping me back in to reality. You surely won't hear me saying, "woe is me".

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Tammy said...

I didn't know about the marathon. That is AWESOME!