Sunday, October 12, 2008

An answer to prayer... here's the pictures to prove it.

My MoBap team had our first game last Thursday night. I kept telling the girls there was nothing to be nervous about... it's just fall ball. However, if I am honest I was a little nervous. Here are the few reasons why: 
1. I was in uniform. 
2. We were playing my friend's team
3. I had lots of "guests" at the game. 
4. I wanted a boost of confidence for the team 
5. I wanted Susie to do well 

should I go on? I mean I guess I was a lot nervous. Let me just say, HUGE success. The first game was great. I loved playing and I love the girls. It was just awesome. 

Susie is a softball catcher turned goalie via a scholarship I offered her. (She was a Young Life kid from Cape). This is my friend, Mel, who played goalie in high school. Mel's been helping Susie a bit. The team is convinced they are on a secret episode of "MADE" and Susie is getting made into a lacrosse goalie. Pretty funny. 
Teaching Susie how to put on gloves before the game. 
At one point we were winning. Mr. Edwards captured that moment for us. 
First team time out. 
Susie gets some mid game advice from Mel. 

Next Game: Tuesday night at the old CBC high school vs. Washington University. 

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Tucker Evans Ryan said...

I'm just glad to see your boyfriend was reffing. And I can't believe you played?! Is that legal?? Congrats on the whole thing!