Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not your average day at the winery...

So... I have some advice, just from personal experience. Octoberfest in Hermann, MO is not like your average day at the winery. Octoberfest is a different ballgame... pretty much a step down from Mardi Gras. 
A small group of girlfriends and I went to Hermann for Mel's 25th Birthday celebration. Although we are 25 our parents still drive us around sometimes.... So after a few mimosas we all loaded up in Gino's suburban on Saturday morning and headed to Hermann. 

The Group 
High School Friends, Liz, Mel, and me
Mel laughed a lot... Jess drank a lot
So... we sat on this hill all day and watched people. 
Melissa would say, "Girl in jeans and gray is going down. Wait for it, wait for it..." 
When the girl actually fell (which happened often) Mel would just crack up. 
Is it sad that we thought that was just so fun. 

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