Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My favorites...

So, one of the amazing blessings of my wonderful job is that when I am done at 2:00 or 3:00 I am truly done at 2:00 or 3:00. I don't have papers to grade, I have usually already done my work out, and I simply have an evening to do whatever I wish. Many things have snuck into my evening schedule, including an addiction to Gossip Girl, walks with my mom, reading good books, and LOTS of neices and nephew time.
More often than not I am able to answer yes when my sister asks me to hang out with the kids. I don't feel like it is something to squeeze into my day, but an enjoyable addition to an open evening. This afternoon I was even able to text Taylor and ask her if she would rather have a ride home from school than ride the bus. It's just amazing.

The kids and I hung around the house while Tay went to catillion. My favorite things from the afternoon:
1. Reading my favorite golden book from my childhood. There's a Monster at the End of this Book. A. I love the book. B. Trey cracks up like it's the funniest thing he has ever heard.
2. Watching Delaney steal bites of Trey's rice crispy treat then play it totally cool when he couldn't figure out where it went.
3. My conversation with Trey about girlfriends... it went something like this:

Me: So Trey, do you have a girlfriend.
T: No
Me: You sure you don't have a gf?
T: Yeah
Me: What about Solis (the baby at the sitter)? Solis is a cutie
T: Aunt Tatie, Solis is a baby.
Me: So, she can't be your girlfriend?
T: I only kiss Solis in the daytime, so she is not my girlfriend. Plus, I am not a big boy yet. I am still a little boy.

Amy and Darnel, what are you teaching this kid about kissing? You better straighten him out or you are going to have lots of explaining to do when he is kissing all the little girls during the daytime in kindergarten.

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