Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life Advice from the Jewelry Store

My dear friend Melissa turned 25 this past weekend. It was a great weekend with sushi lunch and a day at the winery (see previous post). Liz had a great idea to pitch in and give Mel diamond earrings. Since Mel and I are both very single it is good to get a little treat that may usually come from the boo. Liz and I took a three hour lunch break one day (I love my job) and went to various jewelers looking for earrings. When we finally found a pair to purchase the lady sure did talk our ears off. She gave us a whole schpeal about a friend she didn't trust with her husband... yadda, yadda, yadda. When it was all said and done she simply stated, "Girls, when you find good friends, hold on to them!" 

This picture is from an evening out this summer. Megan and Jamie were in town so we all got together. Thought I would share this in honor of the lady at the jewelry store. "When you find good friends, hold on to them!" 

 I have been friends with Heather and Megan since sixth grade (13 years!) 
I have been friends with Lizzie, Mel, and Jamie since ninth grade (10 years!) 

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