Saturday, October 18, 2008

A good ole friday off!

So people say that in the real world you don't often get Fridays off. I think that is bogus. I, for one, never want to work in the real world. One of the many glorious parts of collegiate life is fall break. Today was fall break for Missouri Baptist University which means my usual three hour work day was turned into zero hours. I had a great day filled with my favorite people. 
The kids were off school, so I spent the morning over there making special treats. I love this crew. It was fun to spend the time with my sisters and favorite kiddos. 
My little man. A few observations: 
1. the Schnucks sticker he received from the counter during a long and interesting trip to the grocery store. Grocery shopping with kids is a different ball game. Especially male kids. 
2. The soap: He was supposed to be washing his hands. When I looked in to the bathroom he proudly assured me, "Aunt Tatie, I made it all shiny". 
The kids watch as mom mixes the ingredients... they have to pay 
extra careful attention: she doesn't cook much!
Getting their hands in on the action. 
It's amazing Tay is a double 0 jean size cause she sure is digging right into whatever white chocolate was left in the bowl. Just like her Aunt Katie... minus the double 0 bit. 
All the delicious goodies... and the kids are still eating dry cereal. 

One of my favorite quotes from the eventful morning: As I was working out on Amy's elliptical machine the kids sat next to me asking twenty questions. During my thirty minute work out I probably read for about five minutes because they kept me busy the rest of the time.

Laney: "Aunt Katie, do you think mama could do that?" 
Me: "This? Yeah, mama could do this." 
Laney: "Yeah,.... hmm... I guess she could, but it sure would be funny." 

(Guess she knows grandma isn't super athletic)

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