Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love this dude!

Last week my dad celebrated his 61st birthday! This is just a small tribute to a man I love a whole, whole lot. 
A few reasons I love my dad: 
1. Sometimes I wonder if he gets any of his own work done because he is always doing some of mine for me. 
2. He has never simply sat at home or hung out while I was playing or coaching a game. He only misses my games for work... and that rarely happens. 
3. I have hundreds of pictures he has taken of me during those games. 
4. He's funny. 
5. He's so stinkin cute. 
6. He would do anything for anyone. 
7. He loves my neices and nephew a lot. 
8. He does all the little things like picking up my favorite food, remembering things I say, dancing with me at my sisters wedding... He's good at the little things. 
9. He gets excited about the same things I do ... beautiful things outside, photographs, kids, a good deal... 
10. He is a good dad, grandpa, and husband... 

Happy Birthday Dad! 
Love you more than anything in the world, love your baby girl. 

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