Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tammy's Wedding

My sister, Tammy, got married this past weekend. These are some of the pictures from the event. 
My dad with me, Lizzie, and Mel. He loves us way more than he acts like he does! 
Tammy and John
Laney took her flower girl duties VERY seriously. This is her straightening the train. 
Mel, Liz, and me at Piper Palm House. 
I can't decide if this is dorky or cute. 
He was ABSOLUTELY NOT going to walk down that aisle. 
My three favs. 

1 comment:

Amy said...

Look at Taylor!!
Wow, those are great.
Your camera is really taking great photos (fighting back jealousy).
*My favorite photo, on "Katie's Favorite Photos" is the photo of my Goddaughter straightening the train, you caught that right at the perfect second.