Monday, January 12, 2009

Just your average Monday...

I have laughed more today than I have in a long time. Since I haven't blogged in a week and don't have any pictures to share I figured I would tell you about my day.

3:30 am
I awake gasping for breath. In my dream Lizzie is holding me under water in a cold mountain
pond. It was scary. I struggled to go back to sleep.

8:20 am
I woke up. The first words of my day were, "Oh Crap!" My alarm was set for 7:00 but I
clearly slept in.

9:00 am
Free coffee in the campus coffee shop... not from the 72 year old coach that loves me... from
my punch card rather.

10:50 am
I start to heat up my shrimp scampi lean gourmet to eat for lunch

10:52 am
Three people in the office invite me to lunch

10:53 am
I throw away my lunch and head out the door

10:55 am
We find Chrissy King in the parking lot and insist she throw away her lunch as well.

11:00 - 11:45 am
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at McCallisters. We laughed a whole lot. The premise of the
lunch was, "Why is Katie single?" Complete with discussions of my defectiveness. Coach
Yehling's viewpoint is that I am defective because I a. don't eat meat and b. am allergic
to everything. Sounds like a mean discussion but it was hysterical. They wanted to do a
speed dating lunch session and have me sit a table alone. The plan was that every business
man who walked through the door would have a couple minutes to impress. Hysterical!
Seriously, these people are ridiculous. I think Coach Yehling may be my new dating coach or

2:22 pm
I think I am going to leave... I am tired from laughing too hard.

Seriously people, it's just your average Monday.


Amy said...

Okay, 2 things about your post:

1. If your allergies are keeping you single, then Flynn is in TROUBLE.

2. I want a job at Mo Bap.

Heather Verweyst said...

I think you are just too good for every man you've met... thats just me, but what do I know!