Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who doesn't love a snow day?

Most people stay inside on a snow day. They watch movies, build a fire, eat soup and grilled cheese... you get the gist. Not this girl. I live for snow days. I personally think I am pretty good at driving in the snow and love to get out in it. I don't drive around like an idiot, but I just enjoy fewer people on the roads and seeing everything beautifully covered in a blanket of white. Besides it is pretty much impossible for me to sit inside! 

My favorite little Frosties had two snow days this week, so I decided on day number 2 to go over and free them from their mom who hadn't left the house in 48 hours :)
Posing in the front yard... all bundled up 
Laney trying to keep on her sled
Priceless: Trey complaining about having to go up the hill, Delaney half way up and complaining, and Taylor basking in the glory of being at the top. 
Trey sledding down
"I got it, I got it. Almost there. Aunt Tatie, I'm almost there"
He talked himself the whole way up the hill... and at the top: 
"I made it!"
Taylor catching some snow in the face

What a great, great snow day! Tomorrow I will include some more pics of 
how we concluded such a lovely day at home


Amy said...

Will you come & be Flynn's & Gabe's Aunt Tatie??

Ryans said...

That's what I was thinking... I need an Aunt Katie over here!