Monday, January 19, 2009

No "honk, honk, wave" for me!

My friend's little boy loves to tell his mama when he notices cars he's familiar with on the road. He will get his mom's attention and then point and inform her of who he "sees" simply by recognizing the car. I have never witnessed this, but have heard a bit about it. 

Let me just say that I would have Tuck all kinds of confused. Since December 23rd I have driven four different cars. I drove a lovely Saab Hatchback for a week courtesy of the Wilmot family, particularly Joe. He was quite gracious, even when I spilled a full latte inside. 
After that I drove my car for a few days before returning it to the dealer. I then drove a 2008 Hyundai Elantra for ten days before returning that to head to Baltimore for four days. And this morning, my friends, at 7:30 am I arrived at the dealer to pick up my fourth car since December 23rd. I am now driving a Kia Spectra. Can somebody say ridiculous? 
The 10 day Elantra
The current ride... in case you want to "honk, honk, wave"
The Wilmot hatchback.. only sea foam green. 

Why, you ask? 
Well, here's the deal. My car doesn't start when it is below 32 degrees outside. It didn't start last winter, but I dealt with it. I am not being so patient this winter. I have decided to get this fixed... on warranty of course. It's been rough. I've lost many things in the process, decided to get a purse, and been tempted to get a new car all together. This morning my buddy, Craig, said he thinks he knows what is wrong and will call me soon. HOWEVER, the car is still where it was Thursday when he said he had no idea. Figure that one out for me. 

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Ryans said...

Oh not to worry. Tucker can track any number of cars. He still points out rental cars my mom had down here 4 visits ago!