Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Slumber Party!

Trey and Delaney find it super cool that I live in an apartment. I know the thrill will wear out sooner or later, but right now they love it. They also love my roommate, Annie. Since I have been promising it forever, I finally found a night that would work and invited the kiddos over for a slumber party. They received new sleeping bags for Christmas and were super excited to bring them over for the occasion. 
Mama, Papa, Aunt Steffie, and Uncle Dave joined us for pizza dinner. 
We set the kids up on the floor for a picnic dinner. 
Trey playing Santa Claus in the laundry basket. The pillows on the ground are the reindeer. The pillow behind him is an elf... none of us volunteered when he requested. This kid was absolutely obsessed with Santa and his sleigh for Christmas 2008.
Mel joined us for the slumber party and helped make monkey bread. 
Laney, Taylor, and Trey under the fort we made and slept under. 
Brushing their teeth in Aunt Katie's bathroom... Taylor wasn't happy about this picture

All in all the slumber party was a success. My sweet little Trey was the only real issue for the following reasons : 
1. He loves to jump... I live on the third floor. 
2. He tends to be a little clumsy... I have white carpet and couch. 
3. He woke up at 3:00 am SCREAMING bloody murder for five minutes. He didn't stop until I crawled through the chairs for the fort, over Delaney, and up onto the couch. 
4. He then continued to snore in my ear for the remainder of the night. 

Seriously though, it was a blast. 

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