Friday, January 2, 2009

To 2009!

My parents host a very fun New Years Day party every year. This year we watched some bowl games, drank sparkling grape juice (we are very kid friendly), toasted to 2009, built a fire, and watched a movie. It was a blast! I honestly enjoyed this day almost more than Christmas. Check out the picture below and try to guess what movie we enjoyed.
Amy, Delaney, and Trey toasting, "To 2009!" Delaney almost lost her sparking grape juice privileges because she kept calling it wine... haha. 
with the kids by the fire
Some of my favorite memories are building fires in this fireplace
All of us gathering around to watch a movie and eat popcorn from the Whirly Pop my aunt and uncle gave us for Christmas... if you are a popcorn eater I strongly encourage this purchase
So the movie on the screen above is my mother's favorite movie of ALL time. She laughs, she cries, no one else can hear the movie. It's great... but really. She thoroughly enjoys watching this movie, and it is actually pretty fun to watch it with her. 

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