Monday, January 5, 2009

Best of 2008

People Magazine does the Best of 2008, so I figured it would only be appropriate for me to do so as well. These are in no particular order... just as they uploaded!
Please also note that the background music is Best of 2008 as well... for one reason or another. 

Best Sentimental Moment
This is me speaking at my last event as Head Coach for Kirkwood. I will miss those girls like crazy... This is also when I received an award as Coach of the Year. 
An amazing night for me for many reasons. 

Best Friend in Town
Rachel was here in the spring and we enjoyed a Cards game together with Abby and Maddie. 

Best All Around Memory
Lizzie's wedding was incredible. 
We had a blast being bridesmaids and celebrating with Liz and Tom. 

Best Girls' Night
Lizzie's Bachelorette party 
Little Black Dress theme complete with Little Black dress wine

Best Summer Activity
Abby will hate me for this picture, but we enjoyed many a Cards games together... and I loved it

Best Birthday Party
Melissa's 25th at the wineries for Octoberfest 

Best Family Event 
Tammy's wedding was an all around enjoyable family event

Best Random Evening Out
I went to the balloon glow and races with the Frosty's. It was awesome. 
We went totally randomly and will go every year from now on. 
ps... excuse the SUPER short hair

Best Trip
Lizzie and I went to Colorado for a week. 
This is us at the top of the Alpine Slide in Steamboat. 

Best Reunion
High school friends came over for a girls night during Christmas break. 

Best Family Day
Most of the Raus and some friends enjoyed a day at the winery. 
We had a blast... just ask Steffie. 

Best Solo Activity
I enjoyed many a nice days at Castlewood State Park. I loved the time alone listening to my ipod and hiking the trails. It's my new favorite St. Louis spot. 

Best DD Day
I drove for the girls while they enjoyed the ridiculousness that is St. Louis Mardi Gras... 
on Lizzie's birthday none the less

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