Monday, January 12, 2009

My Little Cowboy

I stopped by my sister's house this afternoon to see if she had any soy sauce. (Don't ask). She didn't, and, of course, I didn't just leave but ended up spending a few hours with a couple of my favorites. I was on the way to watch a high school swim meet and asked Trey to come along. The Little Cowboy sweetly agreed to join me. 
Not gonna lie...everyone loved his boots and hat. Let it be known that when I have a kid I hope he/she will want to wear costumes on a regular basis...princess, cowboys, spiderman,
 love them all. 
The Little Cowboy leaving the swim meet

After the swim meet I went back to the Frost house to work off some of the crab rangoon. I should have known better. The kids are constantly joining me for my workouts when I'm there. As a result my work out either passes quickly or drags forever. Tonight was a drag forever night as I constantly worried about one of them being smashed by the bar. 
Trey desperately attempting bench press. 
Lou Lou handling the bar a bit better. 

Thanks for keeping me company. 

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