Friday, February 6, 2009

10 Reasons I feel Blessed Today!

I keep thinking, "I am so blessed". It's a theme of my last day, week, month, well six months really. God is good to me. I tell people this often, but felt like today I would just sit and make a list of things that truly make me feel blessed.  

In no particular order: 

1. My family lives so close to me. Those who don't make an effort to be around as often as possible. I never have to go an extended period of time without seeing my sisters, neices, nephew, mom, dad, or brother. My grandma and one Rau family also live close. I enjoy all the time I spend with these people and really feel blessed by the time we have together. I know not everyone gets that. 

2. The weather today is beautiful! I will be able to run and practice outside for the next week... for that I am super thankful. 

3. Weird to post on public blog: I have no debt to my name. No college loans, car is paid off, no house, no credit card...ect. I feel like this is pretty incredible for a 25 year old with a college degree. I thank God everyday for allowing this to happen, for scholarships and decisions that I didn't always want to make. 

4. My health. I love running and doing anything active. I am grateful that I am capable of doing these things. 

5. My friends. I have some of the most incredible friends in the world. They get me. They let me talk... usually too much. They are a blast to be around. They are easy to give to without feeling obligated.  

6. My lacrosse teams. Both Kirkwood and MoBap. I feel like people have really had to take a chance on me for both of these positions. I love the girls on both teams and feel spoiled to have been given the chance to coach them. 

7. My job. It's sweet. I'm spoiled. Enough said. 

8. My faith and those that have encouraged me in that. 

9. Friends that are far away. For two reasons: 1. Sweet Trips 2. It doesn't seem like the distance or time spent apart ever matters. 

10. Spring being just around the corner. 

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