Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear God, Can we do lightning round please?

It's Tuesday. Staff meeting day. Usually dreaded, but not this time. Nope. This time I couldn't wait for staff meeting, and for one reason only: Lightning Round. 

def. Lightning Round: A time during staff meeting where each member of the athletics department speaks for about one minute about his or her program. Most of the coaches talk about recruiting numbers and wins. 

Not this kid. I usually mumble through it hoping and praying that no more questions get asked. Recruiting numbers aren't something I am eager to talk about in staff meeting. Wins... welp, no season yet really. 
Today was different because I had something to share. Something I was proud of: our clinic. So, during my turn in lightning round I told everyone that we had 70 girls for our clinic, we raised money, and our season starts February 27th. 

"When's your first game?" the AD responded. When is my blasted first game?! I told him, but I was none too happy about it. Did he not hear me talk about my clinic. 
Later in staff meeting: 
"Katie, what did we talk about earlier this week?" the Ad.
"Umm, that I work here and should clean up any messes I see". 

That's it people. This girl had a fabulously successful recruiting clinic and all we could talk about is how I should be cleaning up dirt my team didn't track into the gym. So, I left the staff meeting with my head hanging, and promptly walked to the Ad's office. I knocked on the door frame and peaked in. After he invited me in I told him about our 70 girl clinic and all the money we raised and the girls who decided to come visit campus. 

His response? 

That's all he said, and all he needed to say. I got my praise I shouldn't need but thought I deserved. 
I walked outside on this beautiful 70 degree February day and heel clicked my giddy little self right across that quad. 

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