Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lots O' Family Goodness

The plans for the weekend were to head out of town. It's been a few weeks since I saw my sweet friend, Leslie, and her precious little man, JD. She said he's growing and I don't love that.... at least not without me nearby to see him daily. I had planned to be free from Saturday at 3:00 until campus visit day on Monday morning. I was going to use every spare minute to head to Cape Girardeau.

But, as always, when you have 16 people in your family, plans changed.

Friday night was family dinner and sister, Fee Fee's birthday. I split my time between the family and a babysitting job. I, of course, returned to my parent's because my sister was there without her husband and she couldn't bear to be alone. In the am, Dad kindly agreed to prepare his famous Saturday morning breakfast for us: a Rau family tradition dating back to sometime in the 70's. After minutes of bellowing he came bounding down the stairs ready to prepare heart-shaped waffles. Delicious, as always.

After working from 10-3, I returned to my parent's house. I decided to put off my trip departure until later in the evening since my friends with boys were spending Valentine's Day with those particular individuals. I, however, thoroughly enjoyed my Valentine's dinner with mom, dad, Steph, and Dave. I sure did fall in love with the delicious deep dish pizza at A'mis in Rock Hill. Not exactly your romantic candlelit Valentine's Day, but that would have been a bit awkward as the fifth wheel.

And when we got home we got the text, "Doc told me to go to the hospital". So, the trip was cancelled altogether. Kara is in labor and we are watching Nascar (not by choice), eating chilli, and waiting for the news. I am pretty sure baby Claire will be here by dinnertime. (I sure hope so, I am way over hanging out with my narcoleptic sister and pretending to enjoy "tea" with a mini teacup and saucer).

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