Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Sharona's Birthday ...

So we are celebrating. This is a small tribute to my mom on her (shh...62nd) birthday:

62 things to love about Sharry (in no particular order)

1. she makes an amazing oreo smush
2. her ability to laugh out loud at movies so the whole house can hear her
3. her Halloween decorations... and dinner
4. when she used to take me to get smiley face cookies after half day kindergarten
5. her willingness to volunteer as troop leader, room mother, PTO president, and more...
6. her mommy twinness
7. taking walks with her on warm evenings
8. her ability to laugh off constant jokes from her husband and children
9. how she can talk to anyone and everyone she meets
10. her incredible public speaking skills
11. her smile
12. her love for children
13. the way she goes out of her way for others
14. her desire to hang out with her daughters even if it means going to a country music concert
15. her Christmas village
16. her passion for Kirkwood
17. the pride she takes in her children's accomplishments
18. her thumb twirling
19. her fake cry she does when she is upset she is missing out on something
20. her commitment to her friendships, new and old
21. her love for towers of redi whip on her ice cream
22. all the times she played taxi for me and all my friends
23. her love for her dog, Molly
24. her innocent inability to reverse a car
25. when she says, "I don't believe that" or "That's not true" about something her kids tell her
26. her appreciation for everything people give her
27. the fact that it is 2009 and she still scrubs the floor on her hands and knees
28. her ability to make ALL of her children believe the leprechaun took baths on St. Patty's Day
29. her laugh
30. her love for Webster
31. her desire to always make sure everyone is happy (her kids and grand kids)
32. her ability to throw great parties with perfect decorations, food, and favors
33. when she tells me I need to learn to do the same :)
34. her love and commitment to dad
35. the fact that she reheats her coffee everyday and probably only brews 1 fresh pot a week
36. her genuinely finding me funny
37. all the mini field trips she took me on
38. being home every day I got home from school
39. calling me into school... only when I was sick of course
40. when she randomly falls asleep and then swears, "I was just resting my eyes"
41. being able to tell how long she was on the phone by the doodles on the paper
42. her love for all things blue
43. her ability to throw a party and give gifts for EVERY holiday
44. all her many holiday flags
45. the cards she gives
46. her phone messages on my birthday
47. how hard she works to give the very best gifts
48. her collection of sweaters, sometimes in the same color and style
49. her adorable attempt at becoming tech savvy
50. her knowledge of all things children
51. all the hours she has spent giving to her kids
52. her appreciation for her large family
53. her desire to watch movies and inability to stay awake for them
54. her willingness to go to the ice cream shop with me anytime
55. the love she sends with me when I travel
56. her appreciation for the simple things
57. her shoulders swaying during songs she likes
58. her support of my endeavors
59. her sincere concern when I do ridiculous or crazy things
60. the way she still yells, "KATE" when I say or do something wrong
61. her huge heart for others
62. just because she is Sharona and the best mom ever.

Love you, Mom. Hope you had the best birthday.

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