Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Fact February: Hiatus

I tried to stick to my guns and give you faithful blog readers all kinds of good Katie randomness. But, I would be terribly mistaken to withhold the following story from you. 
At 9:00 am we gathered at MBU to head out for our first competition of the season. We were eager to get started and had a fun drive ahead. The girls were on their best behavior only requesting two restroom breaks from St. Louis to Sewanee, TN. We played our first game at University of the South. 
Let me digress for a second and say the campus: beautiful. I am pretty sure every girl on my team wants to transfer. 
Anyway, it rained all day today in Chattanooga. We stepped on to a sloppy field with just enough time for our thirty minute warm up. The girls really did fight their little hearts out, but we ended up losing 22-7. It was honestly a good fight. The team we played was incredible and way bigger in numbers. (this isn't a huge feat). 
After the game there were lots of upset girls. Defense worked their tails off, but the scoreboard didn't show that. I tried to pull out all the stops and give all the encouragement I could, but I'm only one gal. We headed up to the vans with tears and sour moods. As my van reversed up the gravel drive I made some smart comment, "and then we got stuck in the mud..." 
"Hey, coach... umm, we are stuck". Yep, that's right, my friends, the other van was quite stuck in the mud. We pushed. We added gravel. We added limbs. All to no avail. Please enjoy the pics below. 

Typical female athletes... totally unaffected by potential tragedy at hand
The stuck van and girls coming up with various plans

The final solution: 
Sewanee Police
"Looks like you girls done got yoself stuck in tha mud"... in his thickest most precious southern/country accent. 
Here's the Sewanee police officer in the mobap van
while all the girls posed in front of his car. 

And the final solution: The girls ended up pushing while he accelerated. I wish I would have had my camera ready. The cheering and elation was incredible. The van was free. A beautiful team bonding moment. I wish I could say I orchestrated this, but I didn't. I can, however, say it broke the ice and helped ease the tension from an otherwise intense game.


Anonymous said...

What teamwork!!!! With team work like this you will be winning games!! These girls are definately winners!

Ryans said...

Ask Kyle about his last encounter with a Sewanee police officer. Hilarious. I hope it was a great weekend!