Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who needs friends..

...when you have four great sisters? 

Seriously, I have the best friends in the world, but sometimes am amazed by how lucky I am to have four great sisters. Let's rewind like seven years. 

I didn't always have this attitude. I used to be quite spoiled ahem ... I think some would disagree with the choice of the word "used" in this sentence, but I digress. When it was time for me to go off to college I picked many a 40,000 dollar schools that I thought were perfect matches for me. They may have been, but they weren't for my budget. I quickly became quite frustrated with the other five siblings that were putting a huge damper on my college choices. I mean really, Sharon and Terry, six?! It didn't even cross my mind that I was the youngest and thus should have been the recipient of such resentment. But, anyway. I used to think very selfishly about all the great things we could afford if there were just say, two of us. On top of this was the fact that I am the youngest. I always received the crap (and still do). I was the immature, bratty, loud, spoiled little sister. 

But I think I've grown out of all of that. (I wonder if the other five agree). And I've come to the point of having great relationships with my siblings. Sometimes I joke about how I can receive 17 (no joke... 17!) emails during one two hour work meeting ALL from my siblings. I joke about how often they call and how I could be busy every night of the week with just family activities. But I truly love it. I love the little things like guacamole after the kids are in bed, shopping trips, long phone conversations, adult egg hunts, concerts, and ridiculous bouts of laughter. And the not so little things like babies, weddings, birthday celebrations, and good ole family time. 

Seriously, being one of six is the best. Sometimes I really think I could make it through life with just my family... 

don't worry though, friends, I know you are the best. 

ps... that was February Fun Number Four

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kbakes said...

I know what you mean, family is the best, and being the youngest of 6 is also the best. And, being named Katie is the best.