Monday, February 9, 2009

"Katie, are you crying?"

No, I'm not crying.. I'm just stressed. And try as I might to get kids to love MoBap, sometimes I hit a wall. And a wall I believe I've hit... until Saturday. 
My team hosted a preseason clinic. On that beautiful 60 degree February day we headed to a stuffy indoor field praying all the way that we would have enough girls show up to pay for the facilities. And boy were our prayers answered. We had 41 girls show up for the first clinic, and 30 for the second. The grand total of 71 girls earned us a whopping $1300 for our spring break trip. That's gas money peeps. (and perhaps the ultimate road trip t-shirt). And on top of it all, it was fun. And on top of that, I had two recruit contacts. Now how about that for a successful clinic. I think so. 


kbakes said...

Hurrah! that's great. I'm glad I got to come, it was fun... and good to do some lax playing.

Amy said...

Hey, my niece Hannah is considering enrolling for the fall.

I think she's coming up to something next Monday?

She doesn't play lax, but you can pretend you recruited her for the school if you want.