Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Let me preface this entry with two things: 
1. I really do absolutely love my job. I love the good, bad, and ugly of it. We are in season now, so days are a lot busier (and longer). There is more player drama to deal with and more planning involved. It isn't quite as simple as I may once have portrayed. 
2. At lunch today they were discussing how close we are to April 1st. Apparently April Fool's Day is a large holiday in these parts... good to know. 

With that being said, I went back to the gym for a little indoor practice this afternoon. The temps were dropping and the wind was howling, so I moved practice indoors to make sure it was productive. Apparently everyone else had that idea and when I arrived at the gym there was the track team, men's lacrosse, and jv and varsity volleyball. After our practice would be varsity basketball. Busy day to say the least. 

Quick sidenote: I have gotten reprimanded for two things this year. 1. Tracking dirt into the gym and 2. Not giving my players enough water. 

Back to the story: 

One of the office assistants came down in the middle of practice to inform me that it was my responsibility to clean up the leaves in the hallway upstairs. I quickly pointed out the other teams in the gym and questioned why my ten girls were responsible for the mess... in a very polite way of course :) She didn't really react, but just went back upstairs. What followed, you ask? 

"Make sure your girls clean up your mess" 
"Just a reminder, I saw your team in the gym earlier... make sure u keep that side clean and get ur girls water bottles so they can get watered" 
"Make sure the facility is clean when you finish working out" 
"You better keep those leaves and dirt out" 
"Don't forget to vacuum when you girls are done" 
"Can you make sure you clean up the facility when you are done AND make sure you girls get enough water" 
"Hey can you come in tomorrow and clean all the leaves out of the hallway. It's a mess..." 

Those are just some of the texts I received while finishing practice. Funny co-workers I tell you. I was flipping out at first when I thought they were serious. When I realized they were joking I felt bad because the volleyball coach so graciously vacuumed the hall. 
But when I returned to my office... 
Just a sweet reminder/icing on the cake! 

I love me some work shananigans. Is this still initiation for the new girl or what? 

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