Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

Sunday we enjoyed a girl's night at The Fox. There are few things I enjoy more than The Fox at Christmastime. For some reason, I also especially love the Rockettes. It was a delightful evening. We started with Taco Night at my house with Darnel, Dad, and Trey present. Then, my dad, who's an absolute gem, drove us down and dropped us off at the door since the wind chill was below zero. It was a perfect evening with a group of ladies I sincerely enjoy being around. 
The girls at my house... notice the darling Christmas tree... Ha

They love each other really
The group in the lobby... please notice Delaney's purse. Mel and Liz should especially love this since they are constantly telling me I need to carry a purse. Delaney is 6 and I am 25... just for the record. 
In order: Mom, Amy, Kara, Taylor, Delaney, and me. 

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