Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 Random Things...

I did this on facebook and quite enjoyed coming up with random facts while I was bored at work...I figured those in the blogging world might enjoy it as well.

1. I need a schedule. Like require a schedule. I go crazy when I don't have an hour by hour plan for my day. However, I also hate to be busy.

2. I can't stand missing church on Sunday. Sometimes I am there completely zoned out thinking about one hundred other things, but at least I am there. If I am not at church on Sunday the rest of the week seems totally out of whack.

3. I LOVE the holidays. There are quirky little things that tell me it is the holiday season and I am obsessed with them. One of those things is red cups at Starbucks. Another is the headlights on cars... don't ask, most people don't get it.

4. I constantly struggle with where I should be going to church. I can't get myself to leave Greentree but often think that isn't where the Lord has me anymore.

5. I love sectional couches. There is nothing better than the corner of a sectional with a blanket and a good book or movie.

6. Every week I watch Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I sob during both of them. I can't decide if that's weird or just theurapeutic.

7. I can't see a picture of an orphan or vulnerable child and not cry. I love orphans. It seems a little odd, but I really do. I tell people that I will put in for an adoption if I am not married by the time I am thirty... I am actually pretty serious about that.

8. I constantly search plane tickets and price trips online. I love to travel and find no problems with spending all my money on it.

9. I have finally given up on the fantasy of living elsewhere. I love Kirkwood and St. Louis. I think it was more a fantasy to find something I love and I think I've found that.

10. I have to work out every day... my day doesn't seem complete without it. Sometimes I don't even care if I sweat or burn calories...I just have to complete my day with my workout.

11. My favorite movie in the world is Home Alone. I could watch it everyday and never get bored.

12. I am a pretty healthy eater, but all my favorite foods are really bad for you. Crab rangoon, sweet potato french fries, ice cream, pizza.... yep!

13. Two of my sisters are pregnant and I secretly (guess not so secretly now) wish I was married so I could get pregnant with them.

14. If I could go back to any time in my life it would be high school. I have nothing but amazing memories.

15. I have become amazingly more fond of my family in the last year. I couldn't imagine moving away from them now.

16. I can't stand being inside on a nice day... it's like torture to me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally stalking right now but after reading your "16 Random Things" I'm pretty sure we are the same person... Almost scares me a little bit how many of those thoughts are the same thoughts I have every day.

P.S. I hope you were serious about the half marathon, I'm so excited :-)