Friday, December 26, 2008

Some things NEVER change...

You may recall a blog posting from a month ago: The date was November 28th and the Rau girls were enjoying their annual Black Friday shopping trip. A couple specific Raus struggled to stay awake. I documented it for those in the blog world to enjoy. 
Steffie crashed right before lunch after talking some crazy jibberish in Kirklands Home. 
Mom "resting her eyes"

Fast forward a month:
Today we rose early (but not quite AS early) and headed out for post Christmas savings. Some of the Rau girls struggled.. yet again. 
Fee fee yet again losing the battle to try and stay awake.  
Sharon lost the battle as well. 
Sharon sleeping again. This may be shortly before or after she started mumbling like a drunk about "...the man on the news talking about football scores". She swore she was simply answering a question I asked. 

Today was, as always, a fun and successful shopping day. We had many, many laughs, as always, and ate far more than necessary to survive. 


Amy said...

omigosh, hahahahaha....

davsteph said...

I feel there should be an explanation for my sleepiness to go along with my picture.