Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at 912

Here are a few of my favorite pics from Christmas at my parent's house. It is always such a great couple days. My mom does holidays VERY well and makes them special for all. This year was no exception. Plus, it is always fun to have kids in the mix for the Christmas season. 
I mean call me weird, but these are the cutest little undergarments in the world. Plus, look at that little face. He loved his Christmas movie too much to stop it to get dressed. 
The whole crew on the stairs. Kids, their spouses, and the three grandkids. We may need to find a new photo spot (or buy a bigger house) soon. 
We have been taking this picture in age order on the stairs since forever. When we were little we used to walk down and take this picture, then walk back upstairs and run down for the video camera... yep. The running one would usually include us taking each other out with flailing arms. Ps... where's Trey? The kid refused to leave the picture. 
Watching Thomas on my laptop before gifts. 
I couldn't help but include this pic...are you kidding me?