Saturday, December 27, 2008

One of my 16...

One of my 16 Random Things in a previous post was about how much I loved high school. I would go back in a heartbeat. The other day I realized that some of my high school friends would be in town for Christmas break. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have the girls over to my apartment. Below are some of the pictures we snapped during our evening together. I was close to all of these girls during sometime in middle and high school. It was so fun to get together and hang out. What a great addition to the holiday season! 
The group 
Just for the record: Me, Lizzie (in StL with me: now married... Lizzie Slais), MVG (Arizona), Cara (California), KTM (Philly), Jamie (NYC). I think it is so cool to see where we all are. 
Lizzie took this one... not sure when Jamie and Katie started looking so much alike. 
Cara, MVG, and KTM 

 It seriously was SO good to see all of them. For some it's been more than a year. 
Sidenote: My sister started asking me what everyone was doing and I couldn't even tell her. We were all such good friends at different points that it doesn't feel right to play the, "So what are you doing now" game that everyone plays at Thanksgiving "reunion". We just hung out like just yesterday we were chatting in the senior hallway. It was wonderful! 

Thanks for coming over ladies!

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Ms. English Lady said...

Wow! These pics are great. Thanks so much for hosting Katie. It was great to see everyone and experience Lizzie's wedding vicariously through the amazingly beautiful photo album. Happy New Year!