Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I had a date!

Tonight I had a date with one of my favorite little guys. It was absolutely wonderful! He is always an absolute gentleman. I picked him up at 6:45 and he immediately stopped his show with no complaining. On the way to our first stop I said, "Hey, thanks for coming with me". To which he responded, "I love to be with you!" NO JOKE! How could you not just adore him?
Our first stop was Starbucks for some festive hot chocolates. It was snowing outside and this was a perfect addition. The kiddie hot chocolate is only $1.10... cheap date! 
Then we went to MoBap guys basketball game. Don't be fooled by this pic... he isn't smiling at the game, he is flirting with his girlfriend, Chrissy, who happened to show up as well. 
Please note: he is on the court in this picture. He didn't watch a second... he played and flirted throughout the entire game. This is him standing on the court from which he would run full speed and jump into the stands! Good thing play is at the other end. 
When we went back to get his coat he requested to use my computer. My "date" wanted to bring a note home to his mom and dad! So, since he wouldn't take no for an answer we typed a letter and printed it out. What did it say? "Mommy and daddy forever. Love Trey"
As I assured Chrissy he would be, Trey was out before we got home... only moments after requesting I play Christmas music. Note the Starburst he asked Chrissy to buy him. 

When we were leaving the game Chrissy's real boyfriend said, "Merry Christmas, Trey" 
With no prep he said back, "Merry Christmas to you too!"

What a stinkin gentleman...the perfect date! 

Side note: When I got home from my date I looked in my throat with a flashlight to notice many a patches of white crap.... hope my date doesn't get strep. 

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