Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too funny not to share!

So I don't often just share a story, but this is too good not to share. I hope you can chuckle at it a little bit without having been there. 

After seeing Slumdog Millionaire... pause: GREATEST MOVIE EVER! It is showing at Plaza Frontenac and is well worth the ridiculous $9 you spend to see a movie there.... okay, back to the story. After the movie I went by Amy and Darnel's to watch the end of the Mizzou game with them. My parents were over and the little ones were playing all kinds of silly games and showing off their Christmas toys. Delaney asked me to come into her room and check out her hermit crabs from nana. We looked in the cage at the hermit crabs complete with painted shells and Delaney let me know that mama said one of them was "D-E-A-D". Here's the conversation that continued: 

Me: So, do you pick them up. 
D: Yeah, I can pick them up (said as though it was nothing) 
Me: Show me. 
D: Which one you want me to pick up? 
Me: Hmmm... how about the red one? (the one that was not d-e-a-d) 
D: Okay. (She picks up the red one) Now hold your hand real flat, Aunt Katie, and I will put it on. 
Me: You hold it. 
D: No, you. Put your hand flat. (her speech is starting to speed up) 
Me: No, you do it Delaney. 

At this point the hermit crab has started to come out of it's shell. Delaney screams, Trey screams, I scream. The hermit crab drops to the ground, the kids fly up onto the bed, and I run out of the room cracking up. The MATURE adults are watching the game in the other room and Amy comes running absolutely horrified by sweet Delaney and Trey's petrified screaming from the other room. I'm not kidding people, you would have thought someone was dying. 

Funniest thing ever. 

Amy decides to tell me, after the fact, that every night they have to take the hermit crabs out of Delaney's room because she is afraid they are going to get out of their cage and get her in the middle of the night. The kid didn't even tell me she was scared of them. AND she was going to play it totally cool, but her cover was blown.  

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Heather Verweyst said...

too funny!!! That would have been something that should have been videotaped!