Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Day

This past Saturday was cookie day with my friends. As expected, one of my recipes was a flop, but it was fun to get together and bake anyway, way too many sweets. 
Please notice the cookies still on the aluminum foil. Those are mine. They are only on there because we were not able to cut them... hence the flop. 
Some of the bakers... and Lizzie's dog, Stewie. 
Leslie came with me for a  bit. She is getting so cute with her little pregnant belly. I am seriously this excited for little JD to enter the world and Leslie to be a darling little mom. 
college roommates... you wouldn't believe some of the stories I have with this girl 
Lizzie and Leslie ... I am pretty sure Leslie is eating and Lizzie is taking cookies off the pan. 

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